Ultrasonic Wine Aging

Give your wines a head start with our patented ultrasound technology for industrial and home use!

Tested by Enologists

Ages Wine in Minutes!

Ultrasonic Wine Aging has developed a low-cost, environmentally friendly technology that helps wineries age wines for the equivalent of 18 months in just five minutes.

Ultrasound works by speeding up autolysis, the process where the yeast cells break down and release proteins that contribute to the mouthfeel, body and flavour of the finished wine. In traditional winemaking this process can take years, but with our patented ultrasound technology, it can take just a few minutes. Using a unique multi-frequency technique, we can treat large volumes of wine at once without wasting energy.

The food industry has been reaping the benefits of ultrasound technology for years, and now the wine industry will have the same chance to save time, space and money with our state-of-the-art technology, and make the best possible wines they can.

Ultrasonically treated wines were tested by a panel of renowned enologists, who found that a wine would age for the equivalent of about a year after just five minutes of sonication.

The Process of


Ultrasonic winemaking differs from traditional winemaking only in the aging process, before bottling.


Grapes are harvested from some of the world’s best vineyards in late summer or early autumn, when they have reached premium ripeness

Crushing & Pressing

After being brought to the winery, the grapes are crushed and pressed.


Yeasts are added to the grape juice to begin the process of fermentation, which ultimately makes the product into wine.

Ultrasonic Wine Aging

The wine is put into tanks, and instead of going through malolactic fermentation, is subjected to powerful acoustic pressure that breaks down cell structures, accelerating the aging process.

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